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Buena Park Plumbing Services

Plumbing issues can cause a sinking feeling for any Buena Park, CA homeowner. Problems with plumbing, whether it is a broken toilet or a malfunctioning water heater, can be messy, time-consuming, and confusing to figure out on your own. With Moffett Plumbing & Air, you can skip hours of frustration by calling us right away.

Our professionals are ready to service your plumbing needs with unmatched experience and care. From all-out emergencies to preventative maintenance, you can count on us to solve your next plumbing problem. Learn more about our many plumbing services below.

Water Heaters & Water Filtration Systems

Buena Park, CA residents rely on their water heaters for many functions around the home. When the water heater is not working or has sprung a leak, homeowners need quick solutions. Regular maintenance and flushes can help prevent many untimely breakdowns. However, when your water heater does have issues, the experts at Moffett Plumbing & Air can help restore your home’s hot water and get you back to your normal routine in no time.

Water filtration can also help the health of your water heater, as well as benefit many other appliances and fixtures in the home. Filtration systems can come especially in handy for areas with hard water. Not only does filtration make your appliances work more efficiently, but it can also benefit your skin and overall health as well. Call us today to discover the best filtration system for your home.

Toilet Installation and Repair

There is little chance you could survive without a working toilet for too long. That is why we are ready to serve all emergency toilet repair calls 24/7. Whether yours is overflowing, not flushing, or not filling back up, you can count on the experts at Moffett Plumbing & Air to solve your toilet issue as fast as possible.

Fixtures for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Our professionals can also install, replace, or repair your kitchen and bathroom fixtures, whether yours are leaking or you simply want to upgrade to a more modern style. Fixtures are an easy way to transform the look of a bathroom or kitchen. Call us today for a proper installation or repair.

Drain Cleaning Services

Do you have a drain in your home that keeps clogging no matter what you try? Or, do you have multiple drains all backing up at the same time? Don’t run out to the store to grab an ineffective drain cleaner. Call the experts at Moffett Plumbing & Air today and put a stop to your drain issues once and for all.

Store-bought drain cleaners may be making the problem worse. A professional drain cleaning will help you get to the bottom of your drain problem with a safe, effective, and more permanent solution.

Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

With regular care and maintenance, garbage disposals should last a Buena Park, CA homeowner a long time. If you moved into your home after a new disposal was installed, you may not know the specs on your disposal or what it can feasibly handle. If yours isn’t working properly or something is stuck in the disposal, give us a call and we will come to check it out. We can help you determine if repair or replacement makes more sense and help you choose a new model that better fits the needs of your home.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Slab leaks can be sneaky. A homeowner may not even realize they have a slab leak until major destruction has occurred. Watching for the signs can help minimize damage from a slab leak. If you notice wet or sagging floors, mold growth, low water pressure, an abnormally high water bill, or sticking windows and doors from a shifting foundation, then it may be time to call the experts at Moffett Plumbing & Air to help inspect your slab.

Areas at risk for earthquakes are even more susceptible for slab leaks. When you think you may have a slab leak, call the experts right away.

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line issues can be messy, unsightly, and disastrous. Some repair techniques can be just as bad, if not worse. At Moffett Plumbing & Air, we repair lines internally so homeowners don’t have to worry about their landscaping being even more disrupted than it already is.

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For a plumbing job done right the first time, call Moffett Plumbing & Air today. We kid you not when we claim that our crew treats each service with a level of respect and commitment that can only be found at Moffett. With each job, our professionally trained team of plumbers takes each service as an opportunity to grow and make another member of our community smile with a job well done. How can we help you, today?

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Tom Moffett, our founder, started his plumbing career in 1969 with a specialty in drain cleaning.

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