Residential Furnace Services in Orange County, California

Moffett Plumbing & Air specializes in furnace repair, replacement, installation, tune-up, and maintenance.

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Residential Furnace Services in Orange County, California

Installing a furnace is a highly effective way of heating your home. With the advantages of having a furnace in your home, your winters can be warm and comfortable. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and at some point, you may have to consider replacing your existing furnace with a new unit. This can save you money on unnecessary repairs that may not be effective. 

Maintaining your furnace will extend its life and provide a hassle-free experience. Annual tune-ups and regular maintenance keep your furnace in check and operating smoothly. When you hire a professional technician to look after your furnace, you get peace of mind, and your furnace functions the way it was intended to. Our technicians are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your safety and convenience. We always follow local codes and regulations and complete every job with the highest standards. Moffett Plumbing & Air specializes in furnace repair, replacement, installation, tune-up, and maintenance. 

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Furnace Installation 

It may not be an easy decision to make when faced with so many different types of furnaces. Making the right choice when considering a furnace installation will benefit your home. Although you may feel overwhelmed by the variety, you have an expert technician to assist you. Let Moffett Plumbing & Air help you make an informed decision. 

Types of Furnaces 

With all the options available, knowing how each type of furnace operates and the advantages they offer can give you a good idea of what will best suit the needs of you and your home. These decisions will be made according to your budget, your home’s capabilities, and the size of your home.

Electric Furnace Installation 

An electric furnace produces heat using a heating element. Air moves over this element and is transported throughout your home via ductwork and vents to heat each room. Installing an electrical furnace will cost less than other types of furnaces because there is no need for a gas line to be installed. However, your monthly utility bills will be higher than other types of furnaces. An electric furnace has a longer lifespan and is a safer option.

Gas Furnace Installation 

A gas furnace is the most energy-efficient furnace available. It is also the most popular option for many homeowners because of all its benefits. Gas-powered furnaces are environmentally friendly and will allow you to save money on monthly utility bills, even though it will cost more to install. This is because they require a municipal gas line. If you do not have one installed in your home, this will be an additional cost. This option will suit you best if you have a gas line in your home.

Oil Furnace Installation 

An oil-powered furnace uses less energy than an electric-powered furnace and can save you money on utility bills. If you don’t have a municipal gas line installed in your home, this is a great option as there is no need for gas. This is also a safer option to have in your home since it does not use gas, eliminating the possibility of gas leaks.

Size of Your Furnace Installation 

A crucial aspect of making the right choice of furnace for your home is knowing what size furnace you will need. Our technicians will be sure to measure the area of your home and recommend an appropriate-sized furnace for you. We will also take into consideration the unique features of your home to further offer an accurate recommendation. 

If your furnace is too small for your home, it will not be able to heat your home effectively. This can also result in a high utility bill and an overworked furnace. An overworked furnace puts unnecessary pressure on its components and may result in a premature replacement. 

Having a furnace that is too big for your home will be a waste of energy and money. A large unit could also take up space that could be used in a better way.

Furnace Repair 

A furnace is a complex unit that operates with accuracy to heat your home. If your furnace requires repairs, it should be done immediately by a professional technician to keep it in great condition. The primary cause for repairs is a lack of maintenance. Although maintenance does not eliminate the need for repairs, it does lower its chances. Here are signs that you require furnace repairs: 

  • Faulty pilot light 
  • Faulty burner 
  • Worn-out ductwork 
  • Faulty thermostat 
  • Burning smells 
  • Your furnace is short-cycling 
  • Increased utility bills 
  • Odd noises 
  • Your fan is not running 
  • Frequent circuit breaker trips 
  • Uneven heating 

Furnace Tune-ups and Maintenance 

A furnace tune-up is essentially an inspection and a thorough cleanup of your furnace. This can provide many advantages for your furnace. A tune-up will significantly extend the life of your furnace as it clears a build-up of dirt and debris that can cause lasting damage. This damage will hinder its performance and harm the air quality in your home. Maintenance on your furnace should be done regularly to ensure that its components operate as they should. Make sure you schedule regular maintenance and have regular tune-ups done on your furnace to ensure that you reap all the benefits. A tune-up and regular maintenance will: 

  • Extend the lifespan of your furnace 
  • Lower safety hazards 
  • Prevent breakdowns 
  • Improve indoor air quality 
  • Lower energy usage 
  • Increase the effectiveness 

Be sure to hire a skilled technician to take care of your furnace tune-ups and maintenance. 

Residential Heating Services in Orange County, CA 

It is great to be self-sufficient, but when it comes to taking care of furnace installations and maintenance, you need to hire a licensed technician so your furnace is installed correctly.

Call Moffett Plumbing & Air at 714.541.6407 for more information on how we can benefit you and your home with our furnace services.

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