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Sump Pump Repair Services in Orange County, CA

A light rainstorm in Orange County, CA might be an excuse to stay indoors and relax while small puddles form on the sidewalk outside. But when the rain is falling heavily, it can cause you to have some anxiety about your home, especially if you have experienced flooding before. Walking into a room on the lowest level of the home and finding your foot standing on wet carpet is anything but relaxing.

If you have a sump pump, it is there to help prevent your home from flooding even during heavy rain storms. But a broken sump pump isn’t going to do your house much good. At Moffett Plumbing & Air, we work to identify and fix sump pump problems in homes all across the Orange County area. You can call us any time for sump pump repair services near you.

Do you need to schedule sump pump services in Huntington Beach, Yorba Linda, or Anaheim, CA? Give our plumbers at Moffett Plumbing & Air a call today or schedule a service through our website.

Protecting Your Home From Flooding

A sump pump is a device that can both detect and remove water from the lowest part of your house. While many homes in areas such as Anaheim and Huntington Beach do not have basements, if you do have a basement or a crawl space, there is a good chance you also have a sump pump. When it rains heavily outside, any moisture that seeps into the basement or crawl space will drain into the sump pump, filling it up and triggering it to turn on. It will then pump the water away from your home and foundation.

Sump pumps are important in homes with frequent moisture or flooding problems because they can protect your home from long-term consequences of flooding such as water damage and mold growth. If you already have a sump pump, it will need to be maintained frequently and repaired when needed to keep it working at all times in case of a storm. That is where our sump pump services in Yorba Linda and nearby areas come in.

What Are the Signs That You Need a Sump Pump Repair?

It’s important to stay on top of sump pump repairs because you never know when a storm might hit Orange County. You don’t want to be caught in a downpour with a sump pump that isn’t working. That’s why it’s important to test it often and to call as soon as you notice problems.

You can test your sump pump by filling up a bucket of water, pouring it into your sump pump pit, and then watching how it gets rid of the water. Watch for how quickly the water disappears and listen to the sounds that your sump pump makes while it operates. Here are the most common sump pump problems that you might notice:

  • Your Sump Pump is Making Concerning Noises: When your sump pump runs it should make a quiet humming sound. If the sump pump is making a sloshing sound like a laundry machine, a grinding metal on metal sound, or a rattling sound, it’s time to call for plumbing repairs.
  • Your Sump Pump Is Vibrating: Your sump pump should always run smoothly. If it is vibrating while it runs, it needs repairs.
  • Your Sump Pump Shows Visible Signs of Disrepair: You should never be able to see any signs of rust or damage on any part of your sump pump. If you do notice that your sump pump doesn’t look right anymore, give us a call.
  • Your Sump Pump Is Running Even When There Is No Water: Your sump pump should only run when there is water in the pit. If there is no water but the sump pump is still running, you’ll need sump pump services right away.
  • Your Sump Pump Won’t Turn On: Of course, if you pour water into your sump pump and nothing happens, that means your sump pump is broken. We can troubleshoot the problem and determine if your sump pump needs repairs or a replacement.

Do You Need to Replace Your Sump Pump?

Some of the problems mentioned above are issues that can be fixed with our sump pump repair services. But in some situations, your sump pump will not be fixable. We are proud to be an Orange County plumber that has been trusted over and over again by families in the area to help them make decisions about their plumbing appliances and devices. We are always happy to give you our advice about whether you need a plumbing repair or a replacement.

Replacements are most often needed in the following situations:

  • Your sump pump is older than 7 years
  • Sump pump repairs are the same price as replacing the device
  • Your sump pump has started rusting
  • Your sump pump isn’t sufficient for your needs

Sump Pump Repair Services at Moffett Plumbing & Air

All of our Orange County plumbers know how stressful it can be to have flooding in your home. We have also seen some of the long-term consequences of properties that are constantly flooding. We want to prevent as many situations like this as possible which is why we offer fast Orange County sump pump services. We are one of the only plumbers in the area to offer 24/7 emergency services with no extra fees for after-hours services. We want you to feel like you can call us at any time without being penalized.

When you call us, you can expect us to arrive in a timely manner. We won’t waste time getting our equipment together because it’s already in our trucks and ready to go. We will arrive at your home and test your sump pump and then identify the problem.

Do You Have Sump Pump Problems? Call an Orange County Plumber

If you need sump pump services in Anaheim, Huntington Beach, or any of the surrounding areas, you can turn to our plumbers at Moffett Plumbing & Air. We are always happy for the opportunity to serve our neighbors in the area.

Call Moffett Plumbing & Air today or schedule Orange County sump pump services online by filling out a contact form.

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