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Are you getting started with or in the process of building your Orange, CA, dream home? 

When building a new home or doing an extensive remodel, one of the essential parts of the process is installing quality plumbing. This can often be overlooked in the whirlwind construction process, even by some contractors or your average local plumbing company. 

But at Moffett Plumbing & Air, we take plumbing piping seriously. We’re experts at anything plumbing installation — so no matter what your new home or remodel needs, you can rest assured we’re the nearby plumbers that can handle it for you.

What Is Plumbing Piping?

The pipes that go throughout your home and allow you access to clean drinking, bathing, and cooking water are the plumbing pipes. They’re strategically placed in spaces like under your sink, walls, and even your attic. 

Having your plumbing installed early on in your construction can save you a lot of headaches in the future, and it’s a necessity if you want healthy drinking water — or water at all! 

We know how many aspects you must juggle when dealing with a home remodel or construction. If it’s time for your plumbing installation, just make a quick call to Moffett Plumbing & Air. We’ll take care of the rest. 

What Piping Is Right for Me?

Since you’re setting up your plumbing infrastructure with your piping installation, it’s good to be aware of your piping options. The most common pipes all have their pros and cons, and our friendly nearby plumbers will be happy to walk you through the best choices for your site when you give us a call. 

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the excellent materials we use when installing new plumbing piping.

Copper or Galvanized Steel Pipes

Incredibly common in homes around the U.S., copper pipes started popping up everywhere around the 1960s. These pipes are typically much lighter and thinner while still being durable. 

They’re excellent for running very hot or cold water through, but they are also much more likely to corrode than some other pipes. Copper also tends to be more expensive, though it does last quite long, so the price can be worth it.

Galvanized steel pipes are more common in older homes than newer ones, as they’re much more challenging to repair or replace. And like copper, they’re vulnerable to rust that can eventually enter your water supply if they aren’t well maintained.


Almost every home will have some kind of PVC pipes running in it. It’s popular because it won’t corrode or rust, and it’s also much less expensive than metal pipes and easier to install and maintain. 

However, one of the significant downsides of PVC pipes is that they’re not well suited for hot water lines as they’re made from a plastic material. PVC also releases volatile organic compounds over time, which can be a health and environmental hazard. 

Copper or galvanized steel are much more eco-friendly options if you’re looking to keep your carbon footprint low.


PEX is quickly becoming the plumber’s gold standard of piping. It’s incredibly affordable and durable while still being highly functional. Like PVC, it’s not susceptible to corrosion or rust, but unlike PVC, it’s much more suitable for any temperature of water supply. 

With that being said, PVC still outshines PEX when it comes to drain lines. And because PEX is newer to the scene, there’s not as much evidence of longevity compared to copper or steel lines. But PEX is shining in homes in virtually every way, so it’s an option you’ll want to consider!

Our Piping Installation Process

With any renovation or construction project, you’re probably wondering what the actual process of piping installation from your local plumbing company looks like. 

Time spent can vary from project to project, but our process and the end goal are always the same. We take pride in being transparent and forthcoming with every one of our customers, so you’ll know what you’re getting at every step.

Site Survey and Meeting

This first stage is critical in the installation process. It lets us map out every small detail and go over the plan with you. This moment is also a great time to discuss the schedule you prefer, so we aren’t overlapping with other projects or anything else — we work on your timeline. 

Once we’ve seen the space, our plumbing experts can then paint a better picture for you as to what the installation process will look like. We’ll also go over any city permits needed and help secure them to keep the process moving.

Groundwork Phase

Groundwork can begin once walls have been poured for the basement. Our plumbers will find all water supply and waste connections running from public utilities and start to establish where they’ll meet within the building. 

Above-Ground Phase

The above-ground phase focuses on the piping installation. It’s when our experts will get to work getting all of your drains, vent pipes, and water lines connected. This phase also includes installing pipes for the waste system.

Finishing, Service, and Maintenance

The finishing phase includes the installation of parts like sinks and toilets. Even though we’re working with you on your piping, the friendly nearby plumbers of Moffett Plumbing & Air are capable of taking care of anything plumbing-related, so we’d be more than happy to install these for you. 

And to keep your new pipes as powerful and clean as possible, we’d also love to build a consistent relationship for your plumbing maintenance. Since we’re the team that installed it for you, no one will know it better, and we’ll be able to deal with anything from checking gauges and meters to more extensive projects or repairs. 

Moffett Plumbing & Air: Your Trusted Local Plumbing Company

Having new plumbing piping put into your Orange, CA, home doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. Let the Moffett Plumbing & Air experts take care of it for you! Our approach to installations is quick, efficient, and complete, leaving you with nothing but the highest levels of satisfaction — we guarantee it. 

Call or send us your message today to discuss more piping options, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process!

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