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Although toilets have been around for centuries and have many names, they all serve the same basic functions. They have gone through changes in how they function and the materials used to construct them. In today’s modern world, toilets are usually made of porcelain and sit approximately 15 inches from the floor.

Despite these changes, Moffett Plumbing & Air has evolved with the times, servicing all types of modern toilets over the past few decades. This makes us the experts when assisting with bathroom upgrades in your Orange, CA, home. 

We can install your new toilet efficiently and quickly. We’ll test it for proper functioning and leaks to ensure you will be completely satisfied with your new installation.

Toilets Have Come a Long Way

As you shop for new toilets, they may all look the same, but the technology used by modern toilets continues to evolve. 

When the first toilet was invented in 1596, it was very different from the toilet known today. Sir John Harington, the godson to Queen Elizabeth I, described the early toilet as an oval bowl that was two feet deep. 

This waterproof bowl, made from wax and resin, was supplied with water from a tank on an upper floor. Since the device took 7.5 gallons to flush, Sir Harington recommended that up to 20 people use the toilet between each flush.

We have come a long way since those early days of flushable toilets. Modern toilets are engineered with an emphasis on water conservation. In addition to giving your Orange, CA, bathroom a fresh look, a new toilet installation can save you money on your household’s water usage. 

Even if your current toilet is only ten or 15 years old, a new toilet can help you conserve more water with each flush.

How Does a Toilet Work?

When you push the handle to flush your toilet, that causes the rubber flapper at the bottom of the basin to lift. As the wastewater empties from the toilet, the clean water in the basin refills your toilet via rim jets. 

As the basin empties, the float apparatus drops, and the flapper closes. During this process, the fill valve opens, allowing water to refill the basin up to the designated level. As the water reaches that level, the float apparatus rises. The fill valve closes as the float apparatus reaches the maximum water level.

What Is the Cost of Replacing a Toilet?

A new toilet installation isn’t something you should attempt to handle yourself. An improperly installed toilet can lead to flooding and excessive water damage, which will drive up the costs associated with fixing the problem. Having a toilet installed can range between $150 to $10,000, depending on your situation. 

Most homeowners spend between $150 and $180 for a toilet installation. The cost of the toilet is between $160 and $550. Some electronic toilets can cost quite a bit more. 

Why You Should Call a Plumbing Professional  

Whether you’re tackling a full bathroom upgrade or just needing to replace an old toilet, you should never try to complete the installation yourself. It may appear as though you only need to bolt the new toilet into place. However, unseen components require securing to prevent leaking after the toilet has been filled with water. 

An experienced plumber in Orange, CA, will have the skills and specialized tools necessary to properly install your new toilet. We can install your new toilet without any unnecessary risk to your home. 

Our plumbing services will leave you with a new toilet that functions well and keeps your bathroom dry.

How to Choose Your New Toilet

Once you buy a new toilet, we will be happy to send a plumbing professional to install it for you. The first step is to choose the best toilet for your home. The following buying guide can help you choose the best toilet for your bathroom upgrade.

Choose a Toilet Type

Unless you have had to replace a toilet in the past, you might not know that there are two types of toilets. The one-piece model is more popular in the U.K. This unit keeps the bowl and basin or tank in one piece. 

The second style involves a basin that’s separate from the bowl. These models are more widely used in the U.S. and tend to be less costly. 

Compare Water Efficiency

Another consideration for replacing a toilet in your Orange, CA, home is how the new unit will use water. This is an important consideration since up to 30% of your home’s water consumption comes from toilet flushes. A seven-gallon tank uses up to 13,000 gallons of water annually. 

However, a smaller and more efficient toilet with a 1.28-gallon tank can save almost 2,300 gallons of water each year.

Choose Gravity or Pressure

A gravity system only uses about ten pounds per square inch (PSI) to push waste through the plumbing system. While this increases the chances of a clogged line, it is cheaper to install. Pressure toilets make more noise when flushed, but they use 20 PSI. This extra force reduces the risks of a clogged line.

What Are the Signs You Need a New Toilet Installation?

You should notice when your toilet is starting to fail and plan to have a new unit installed. A toilet that’s ten to 15 years old may need to be replaced soon. Additionally, here are a few more signs that you should start planning to replace the toilet in your Orange, CA, home:

  • Toilet clogs frequently
  • Toilet needs repairs regularly
  • Porcelain has started to crack
  • Water leakage or discoloration around the base of the toilet

You should also call a plumbing professional if the toilet seems loose or wobbly. If you feel as though you have to balance your weight when you sit on the toilet, this is a sign of loose bolts, rusted components, or other unseen damage. A plumber can diagnose the problem for you.

When you need a new toilet installation, rely on the professional plumbing team at Moffett Plumbing & Air. We can install your new toilet, shower, or sink. Our skilled team will provide quality and friendly customer service as they complete your installation. Call us today for installation and plumbing services you can trust.

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My 50 year old plumbing developed a slab leak, which Brian diagnosed. I decided my best course was to go all in for a whole house re-plumb. Brain & a big crew came out two days later and tore thru the entire job in just one day. Then a few days later a different crew came did a nice job patching all the holes in half a day. Only thing left for me is to repaint the patches. Super happy with the service - a low-stress solution to a high-stress problem!David O.