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A toilet malfunction can be more than a minor inconvenience in Orange, CA. Depending on the problem you’re experiencing, you could be dealing with flooding, water damage, and mold growth from an ongoing issue. If it takes you longer to get professional help from a local plumbing service, these effects could worsen.

Moffett Plumbing & Air offers speedy and skilled plumbing services, including plumbing repair and new installations. We are qualified to work on any style or brand of toilet, including Toto, Gerber, American Standard, and many others. 

Trust our certified and trained technicians to provide you with the repairs that can fix any plumbing problem.

Know When to Call a Professional for Toilet Repair Services

While a minor clog is something you can resolve on your own, most problems with your toilet require the expertise of an experienced plumber. 

Many people are reluctant to call a plumber to fix a toilet problem, but don’t let that stop you from getting the help you need. Plumbers have already seen it all. Calling an Orange, CA, plumber can save you money and frustration.

Water Leaks from the Base of the Toilet

The first time you notice water pooling around the base of your toilet, you can use paper towels or dry rags to quickly soak up the water. 

However, if you notice the water continues to pool on the floor around your toilet, you’ll need professional help. Leaking water can indicate that the wax seal around the toilet has started to degrade. 

An Orange, CA, a plumber can replace the wax ring and create a stronger bond between your toilet and your bathroom floor. There may also be problems with the flush valve and supply hose connections. 

When a professional provides you with toilet repair services, they will check these components for damage.

Tank Refill Takes Longer than Usual

There are several reasons why your tank refill process might be taking longer than usual, so make sure to contact us for service as soon as you notice this problem. Oftentimes, the problem is either a broken flush valve or a worn flapper. 

A broken flush valve may be sticking and preventing the tank from refilling properly. Alternatively, the sound of trickling water indicates that the valve isn’t properly opening to allow the water to refill normally. Replacing the valve will correct this problem.

You can see that the flapper is torn simply by looking at it. If there is damage to the flapper, it will allow water to drain from the tank and trickle into your bowl. 

This can cause your toilet to seem like it’s constantly running since it will try to maintain the same water level in the tank. Replacing the flapper is a simple toilet repair that your plumber can do in just a few minutes.

Water Is Always Running

If the water in your Orange, CA, home’s toilet seems to be always running, there may be several causes of this problem. A local plumbing service can help resolve this issue to eliminate the noise and water waste. 

In most cases, the issue is a faulty float ball, which is the device that tells the toilet’s fill valve when to close. As the float ball reaches the designated water level, it will cause the valve to close. If the ball sticks or never fully floats, this can cause the fill valve to remain open.

A temporary fix is to lift the valve manually after each flush to close the fill valve. However, this problem will worsen over time until you can no longer manipulate the float ball. You’ll know this occurs when the float ball produces a high-pitch squealing noise. It’s better to call a local plumbing service before this happens.

When Should You Consider a Toilet Replacement in Your Orange, CA, Home?

As a general rule, most toilets can last up to 50 years. The lifetime of your toilet will depend on the quality of the toilet you buy, how frequently it’s used, and how well you maintain it over the years. Knowing the signs of a failing toilet will help you to better prepare for a toilet replacement in the future.

Buildup of Mineral Deposits

If your home is subject to hard water, this issue may be a bigger concern for you. Mineral deposits may be left in the jets as your toilet’s bowl refills. 

Over time, this buildup of mineral deposits will cause clogs that inhibit water flow. If it takes longer to refill your bowl, you may need a new toilet to resolve the issue.

Rising Water Bills

If you have noticed that your water bills have been increasing without explanation, the answer may be an inefficient toilet. As your toilet gets older, various issues may be causing water waste. 

Consistent or frequently running water is one sign that your toilet is wasting more water. A toilet replacement may help you lower your water costs, especially if you switch to a low-flow toilet.

A Wobbling Toilet

In many cases, a toilet that wobbles as you sit on it can simply require the tightening of a few bolts. However, an unseen leak may be causing water damage to the flooring around your toilet. A plumber can determine whether there is a leak and repair it before the damage spreads. 

Frequent and Costly Repairs

If you have to call us for repairs regularly, it might be time to replace your toilet. While the occasional repair is to be expected, the need for frequent repairs indicates a bigger problem. 

Weigh the costs of those repairs against the cost of a new toilet installation, and you might find that replacing your toilet is the cheaper option.

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When you need toilet repair services in Orange, CA, contact Moffett Plumbing & Air. We have the expertise and equipment needed to service any brand or style of toilet. 

Our professional plumbers will provide you with the high-quality plumbing services you need to resolve any problem. How can we make you smile, today?

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