What Is A Smart Toilet? That’s Right, Smart.

August 15th, 2022 | Around The Home, Toilet & Fixture

What Is a Smart Toilet?

What Is A Smart Toilet, Really?

Lately, you may hear about a lot of smart devices. Smart LEDs, smart outlets, smartphones, smart thermostats… the list goes on. However, you may not have heard of a smart toilet. If you are both intrigued and confused, you are not alone, but we are here to shed some light on this intelligent toilet. The benefits of a smart toilet go beyond the convenience of not having to touch the toilet. The smart toilet also saves more water than conventional toilets and is more hygienic with its touch-free features. It offers more than luxury, but it has many practical advantages too.

Smart Toilets: An Introduction

A smart toilet is a hands-free toilet that adds an extra level of hygiene to your toilet experience. With its advanced programming, you won’t need to touch the toilet to open and close the lid. In addition to that, it will also clean and dry you once you’re done. If that is not enough, this intelligent toilet will also clean and deodorize itself when you’re done.

Interesting Facts and Functions

There are so many ingenious features of a smart toilet that you can’t resist. Smart toilets have many benefits to offer a homeowner. We will mention just a few to give you a glimpse of what smart plumbing has to offer. 

Automatic Lids and Seats

A smart toilet has a sensor that monitors your whereabouts so it can lift the seat and lids when you want to use the toilet. In addition to opening the lid for you, this smart plumbing fixture will also preheat the seat, saving you from a nasty shock – especially during winter. How does the toilet know when to preheat your toilet? Well, it collects information on times of the day that you are most likely to use the toilet and preheats it shortly before. The lid will automatically close when you are done. The hands-free features guarantee a more hygienic experience. 


Before you use the toilet, it will release a pre-mist that wets the bowl to ensure that nothing sticks to it. This feature eliminates the dread of toilet cleaning. It doesn’t use any harsh detergents, just a light mist to moisten the bowl.

Air Purification

Worried about touching the air freshener can after using the toilet? Well, the hands-free experience continues. This smart toilet will automatically deodorize and purify the bathroom when you sit on the toilet. It does this by absorbing the air around the toilet into a carbon filter to rid your bathroom of any odors. It will stay on for two minutes after you leave the bathroom to ensure that no nasty smells are left behind.

Bidet Feature

This smart toilet uses a water shower to clean you when you are finished using it. When we say hands-free, we mean it in every way. While bidets aren’t new, many homes have been using them for decades. However, it has never been used as a feature on a toilet. Don’t worry, the bidet will only appear when you need it, and not before. The bidet shower head is covered with anti-bacterial and non-stick material, and it also uses ultraviolet lights to sanitize the bidet, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it clean. You can also rest assured that the bidet will spray warm water, so you don’t get a cold surprise. 


The smart toilet also has a front cleanse setting with a gentler pressure than the rear cleanses. 

Air Dryer Feature

After getting sprayed with the bidet feature, you are dried with a smart air-drying vent. These vents will dry you off in about two minutes. You can adjust the temperature setting to ensure a comfortable and relaxing air-dry. 

Automatic Flush

Just as it uses sensors to monitor your movements to open the lid and seat, it will flush when it detects that you have gotten up. By not manually flushing, you avoid touching any parts of the toilet. This makes it ultra-hygienic and safe to use. If you would like to flush while you’re sitting on the toilet, you can simply wave your hand, and it will signal a flush. The smart toilet also has three flushing stages to save water. You can choose between an induction flush, which detects whether water has been wasted, or you can use the automatic flush, which uses a pre-set water limit. The smart toilet helps you stay water-wise and eco-friendly.

Overflow Protection

If your toilet is clogged, which often happens, the smart toilet will be able to sense it and stop flushing to prevent an overflow. It keeps the water level low and prevents water wastage and unnecessary cleaning. 

Water Saving Features

There are different settings to suit your needs. The low-pressure setting saves up to 35% more water but requires more maintenance than most other features. It can even save up to 50% more water than a manual flush and saves the water that is already stored in the tank. A smart toilet uses movement sensors to detect water wastage. 


When you stumble to the bathroom during the night, you don’t have to struggle with bright lights. The smart toilet has motion sensor lights that will go on when you are about to use it. This is an optional setting with different light intensities and colors. This feature won’t light up the whole bathroom, just your toilet. This is useful to prevent the unpleasant adjustment from dark to light. 

Healthcare Features

In the future of smart toilets, there will be a feature that will allow the toilet to analyze human waste to instantly detect diseases. However, modern smart toilets are not kitted with this yet. If you want this feature, you may have to wait a couple more years. 

Get Your Own Smart Toilet, No Regrets!

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