How to Unclog a Shower Drain

August 2nd, 2021 | Tips & Tricks, Plumbing, Drain Cleaning

Unclog a Shower Drain

Clogged shower drains don’t just make your shower impossible to use. They can also send debris and dirty water back into an otherwise clean basin.

If you find yourself contending with a clogged shower drain, know that you don’t have to clear it out on your own. You can get in touch with our team in Orange, CA, instead. We’ll walk you through the potential causes behind your clog and offer you access to a variety of different ways to clear out your pipes. 

Clearing Out a Shower Drain

When you let our team clear out your shower drain for you, you’re not limited to a single method for clog removal. During an initial drain inspection, our team will determine the extent of the clog that you’re contending with. From there, we’ll recommend potential solutions designed to get your water flowing again.

Method 1:  Use High-Pressure Water

There’s no reason to let a shower clog sit for long. Instead, our team can let a high-pressure water jet remove a clog from your life. This process, known as hydro jetting, is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of clog removal available in the world of plumbing.

To hydro jet a clog out of your shower drain, our team brings in a jetter connected to a tank of water and a pressurized nozzle. The pressure from the tank dislodges most boluses from your drain. Instead of just punching a hole in your clog, though, our team ensures that they hydro jet your pipes until they’re sparkling. This way you won’t have to worry about recurring clogs appearing anytime in the near future.

Method 2:  Use a Drain Snake

Drain snakes are long, curly pieces of metal used to catch clogs and remove them. These snakes come in two different forms: Manual and electric. Manual snakes, also known as augers, don’t require any additional tools to help clear out your drain. If the shower clog that you’re dealing with is relatively close to your shower drain, then our team may be able to use a shower snake to clear away the damage.

Electrical snakes, comparatively, attach to a drill to clear out your drain. In much the same way, you can rely on an electrical snake to connect with your clog, wrap it around its coils, and pull it out of your drain.

Whichever snake you’re most interested in using, let our professionals put the tool to use. The Moffett Plumbing team can ensure that the use of a drain snake doesn’t damage your shower pipes or miss the bulk of a shower drain clog.

Method 3:  Use Gentle Cleansers

When you’re dealing with a substantial drain clog, it’s tempting to reach for the chemical cleansers that will dissolve the hair and debris. Unfortunately, these cleansers can do serious damage. Cleansers that include bleach, for example, can linger in your pipes long after clearing a clog away, corroding the pipes and making your shower unsafe to use.

Instead, our team uses gentle, pipe-safe cleansers to clear away your clogs. While these cleansers work best when used in tandem with plungers or snakes, they’ll still ensure that your shower starts to drain more effectively after their use.

Method 4:  Use a Plunger

If your clog proves especially stubborn, or one of the aforementioned methods only removes part of it, then our team may use a specialized plunger to rid you of the rest. These plungers, like those used on your toilet, create a seal around your shower drain. The vacuum that forms forces your clog further down into your pipes, ideally detangling it and making it easier to wash away with water.

Method 5: Get in Touch with Our Team

Contending with shower drain clogs is more than just irritating. If you’re not careful, you can render your shower unusable. What’s more, you may not have the tools you need to remove a clog from your drain on a permanent basis. If you’re not sure how to proceed with a clogged shower drain, let our team take the reins for you.

Our team has the tools you need to clear a clog out of your drain. Whether you’re in the market for a better or you prefer more traditional snake-based methods, you can work with our team to establish a plan of attack that suits your shower and budget.

Clearing a Shower Drain with Plumbers Near Me

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