Garbage Disposal Guide For Homeowners

March 26th, 2021 | Around The Home, Plumbing, Garbage Disposal

Take it from a team of plumbing experts in Orange, CA – Once a Garbage disposal has done its job, we tend not to think much about what our garbage disposal is doing – or if it’s working to meet our needs. If you have the wrong type of garbage disposal for your home, you may end up spending unnecessary money and time on garbage disposal repair.

Every garbage disposal will eventually need to be replaced at some point, and when that time does come, you should be equipped with all the necessary knowledge to buy the right one for your California home and needs. 

Considerations Beforehand

There are a few things that you’ll want to think about first, and you can save yourself time by researching a few things ahead of time. Before buying a new garbage disposal, including:

  • The condition of your pipes
  • The size of your septic tank 
  • How much room is available

If your pipes aren’t up for the job, garbage disposal is the last thing to be thinking about. You run the risk of more drain clogging and backups if you haven’t had your pipes fixed in a while or at all.

If you experience clogged drains often, then your first step should be having them repaired. Otherwise, a garbage disposal might not be the right fit for you.

The next thing to consider is the size of your septic tank. While many garbage disposals are safe to use with a septic tank, you first want to check with your plumber. Additionally, if you know that you have a smaller septic tank, it could be time to upgrade before getting a new garbage disposal.

Finally, you must make sure the garbage disposal can fit where you want it to go. Taking measurements of the area, you plan to place the garbage disposal will save you time so that you don’t come home with a unit too big and have to figure out where to put it. 

Determine What Your Needs Are

Buying the right disposal the first time around saves you money and prevents you from having to buy a new one. Determining what you need before you buy also helps you avoid future garbage disposal repairs. 

You’ll also want to determine what needs your garbage disposal has to fulfill. For single-person homes, garbage disposals with lower horsepower and smaller chamber sizes are the best option.

Larger homes and families will need to consider disposals that have high horsepower and bigger chambers. If you know you’ll be using the disposal often, a larger unit is the better option; conversely, infrequent disposal users should consider a smaller one. 

There are also accessories and other features that should be considered. These include:

  • Sinktop switches 
  • Auto-reverse
  • Power cord
  • Quieter models 
  • Multiple grind stages

Not all of these features can be found on all models of garbage disposals, so it is important to know if you want them ahead of time. 

Continuous or Batch Feed

Finally, there are two types of garbage disposals, continuous feed, and batch feed disposals. Both have their benefits, and it’s important to know them before deciding what kind of garbage disposal to buy. 

Continuous Feed Disposals

As the name suggests, continuous disposals are continuously running; this makes it easy to throw scraps of food in after a meal and not think twice. Continuous disposals are also the most commonly purchased type of garbage disposal and as such, are generally budget-friendly.

There are some cons, however. They are powered by wall switches, which are sold separately and must be installed by an experienced electrician. This means you are spending extra money and time.

You also run the risk of valuable items or utensils falling down the drain because it is left open. 

Batch Feed Disposal 

The risk of injury or losing items to the disposal is significantly reduced with the batch feed model.

To operate, the stopper must be placed over the drain instead of being left open. Because these models do not require a wall switch to operate, they are great for kitchen islands.

Even though there are many benefits of a batch feed disposal, there are limited options that tend to be on the more expensive side.

Need a Plumber Near Orange, CA?

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