Dealing With Water Leaks in Your Home

November 8th, 2021 | Plumbing, Water Heater

Water damage is something no homeowner wants to deal with. Even minor leaks in your home’s plumbing system can slowly but surely cause extensive damage, rotting wood, growing mold, and even wearing away at your foundation.

Luckily, leaks shouldn’t be a problem with a little due diligence from Orange, CA, homeowners, and some help from plumbing professionals.

Watching for the Signs of Leaks in Your Home

Of course, you probably aren’t going to be searching for “plumbers near me” for professional repairs unless you think something is wrong. That’s why it’s important to know the common signs of plumbing leaks and keep an eye out for them.

Among the most common signs you’re going to see are:

  • A spike in your water bill due to the leak constantly losing water
  • Your water heater running even when no water has been used
  • A musty odor in your home caused by unseen mold growth
  • Visible mold growth on floors and ceilings, typically as small black dots
  • New cracks in paint or plaster indicating shifting walls or foundation

Most of these are signs that water damage is already taking place and that your best bet is to call for professional help immediately.

However, if the only issue you’ve noticed is a higher water bill or your water heater running too often, there are a few things you can check on your own first. The leak could be from an easy-to-access area that doesn’t require professional leak detection.

You can check your kitchen and bathroom faucets, including your tub or shower. Verify that none of your toilets are running. They might only get caught running once in a while, which could still be enough to cause an increase in your water bill.

Your home will likely have exposed pipes in at least some areas. Look underneath your sinks to check the lines there. You could have some exposed pipes in your basement as well. Additionally, checking your water heater for any leaks or pooling water could shed some light on the issue.

If this cursory inspection doesn’t identify the issue at hand, the best way to handle the problem is to reach out to plumbing professionals for more in-depth leak detection.

How the Professionals Handle Leak Detection

There are many different tools and techniques that plumbers can use to identify and locate leaks in your plumbing system. One of the most common is camera inspection.
All camera inspections involve routing a camera attached to a flexible line through your plumbing system, potentially finding any leaks in the process. This procedure is often performed with an infrared camera that shows temperature changes, making leaks much easier to spot.

Additionally, plumbers can use what’s called a hydrostatic pressure test. They access your main sewer line cleanout and obstruct it with an inflatable tool. They then fill the system above to determine whether water is leaving through anywhere other than the sewer line.

Any underground leaks can pose a serious problem, washing away the earth beneath your foundation and eroding the foundation itself. Plumbers can use an acoustic device to track down underground leaks, working much like a stethoscope does. Once the location of the leak is found, the plumbers can carry out effective slab leak repairs.

Depending on the signs of a leak that you’re seeing, detecting the leak could be a matter of tracing the lines to find the source. This process is sometimes complicated because water stains and mold could be some distance from the leak itself, as water can run along various elements inside your walls and ceilings.

What to Do Once a Leak is Detected

Because every situation is unique, this will come down to the recommendations that your plumber has for your plumbing repairs. Slab leak repairs can vary widely depending on the precise location of the leak. The pipes may need to be dug up, or your plumber might use modern techniques like trenchless pipe repair.

For pipes within your home, the plumber should be able to replace the affected section of the line relatively quickly. While this very well could require cutting open a wall or ceiling to access the pipes, that’s a small price to pay to avoid continuing water damage in your home.

Orange, CA, Plumbers You Can Count On

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