Are Liquid Drain Cleaner Products Safe For Your Pipes?

October 6th, 2021 | Tips & Tricks, Plumbing, Drain Cleaning

Are Drain Cleaning Liquids Safe For Pipes?

Are Liquid Drain Cleaners Safe For Your Pipes?

We all know that clogged drains can be a nuisance. Most people agree there are few things more frustrating than having water pooling at your feet in the shower or a dirty sink that won’t drain. When this happens to you, your first instinct may be to head to the store and grab a bottle of commercial drain cleaner (for example, the well-known and popular Drano) in hopes that it will magically clear any clog.

You may find that these “one-pour” bottles not only don’t clear your drain but also leave you dealing with potentially toxic fumes. What’s worse, if you find yourself using store-bought solutions frequently, the chemical reactions that are supposed to be helping clear your drain may end up damaging your pipes! 

Here we will cover what adverse effects these drain cleaner products can have on your pipes and why safer solutions, like Moffett Plumbing & Air’s Drain Magic Cleaning Liquid, are better for your lines and health.

What Makes Most Drain Cleaners So Potentially Damaging

The majority of store cleaners you find on the shelf work using potentially dangerous chemical reactions. For example, cleaners made of lye, sodium nitrate, bleach, salt, and aluminum can not only damage plumbing but are also highly toxic and dangerous to humans. 

So, scientifically speaking, what happens when you use these products to clean your drains? Here are three stages in the “cleaning” process:

  • Lye reacts with aluminum to create boiling temperatures
  • Hot lye causes the speedy decomposition of matter
  • Soap and aluminum form bubbles to clear the clog

If you’re already googling “plumbers near me,” we suggest you don’t even try these dangerous cleaning products or agents. Chances are your clog is severe enough to warrant professional assistance. Plus, these reactions are only somewhat controlled, which means that they can cause serious issues for your pipes, especially if you use them repeatedly for an extended period of time.

The Downsides of Store-Bought Drain Cleaners

The same chemical reactions intended to clear your clogs can leave you in need of plumbing repair. How? Well, let’s go over the (allegedly short) process first. You pour the cleaner down the drain, wait a bit, and flush it with water. That’s it, right? Most liquid cleaner directions say so, but the truth is not that simple. 

Liquid drain cleaners often damage pipes and cause disrepair. Here are some reasons why:

  • Cleaners remain in your pipes and continue creating heat that can damage the pipes
  • The chemicals in the cleaners react with pre-existing corrosion in pipes, burning holes
  • Caustic agents break down older pipe joints and PVC connections
  • Cleaners create fractures that can lead to leaks

Beyond the damage they can do to your plumbing, these cleaners can also hang around and cause serious health issues, both short and long-term. Sodium nitrate has been identified as a carcinogen, which can cause long-term health issues if you are exposed regularly. These chemicals can also:

  • React unpredictably with cleaning products in your sink, creating toxic fumes
  • Cause burns to skin and eyes if they splashback during use
  • Seep into the ground through water, affecting plants and trees

We all want a simple solution to drain clogs, but these cleaning liquids can often lead to more trouble than they are worth (and assuming they even work in the first place)! So what are safer drain de-clogging solutions for your home and your health?

Safer Cleaners to Save You From Plumbing Repair

You don’t want to add plumbing repair on top of a clogged drain to your list of worries. The good news is there are some options other than the chemical drain cleaning liquids we are most familiar with. Enzyme and bacteria-based cleaners are safe alternatives to commercial drain cleaners.

Rather than using caustic chemicals to clear clogs, these revolutionary cleaners use concentrated enzymes and bacteria to naturally eat away at many things that cause clogs in your drains. As an added benefit, these cleaners leave behind good bacteria to extend the health of your plumbing system.

Enzyme and bacteria-based cleaners will clear away:

  • Hair
  • Soap scum
  • Food waste
  • Paper
  • Even grease!

These products are also non-toxic and last longer than chemical-based cleaners. You no longer have to ventilate your home when unclogging your drain, as these cleaners don’t create nasty fumes. By eliminating potentially costly plumbing repair from the hazards of clearing your drain, you can be confident in using these cleaners as much as you need.

The Power of Drain Magic from Your OC Plumbers

You can start putting environmentally sound and healthy cleaners to work for you today with Moffett’s Drain Magic. Moffett Plumbing & Air’s proprietary cleaner, which the EPA’s Environmental Challenge recognizes for drain and sewer cleaners, has demonstrated a positive environmental and human health profile. Drain Magic works instantly as an advanced microbial treatment on even your toughest clogs!

When applied regularly, Drain Magic will keep your drains and pipes running smoothly. Since Drain Magic is a healthy alternative to caustic cleaners, there’s no wonder Moffett Plumbing and Air has become the go-to Orange County plumbers. Drain Magic is the right choice for your home and the environment, hands down.

Enjoy Clear Drains In The OC Today!

There’s no reason to let clogged drains weigh you down. When you call Moffett Plumbing & Air, you know you will receive the expert and professional plumbing repair your home deserves. If you’re interested in securing your plumbing for the future, consider taking part in our Drain Maid Maintenance Program. Membership in this program will ensure that your drains and plumbing will keep running for years to come. It also dramatically reduces the chance of emergency call-backs!

When you choose Moffett Plumbing & Air, you have OC plumbers who will handle your services quickly and efficiently. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services; our job isn’t done until you’re happy. 

Call Moffett Plumbing & Air today for all of your drain issues in San Clemente, Irvine, Anaheim, and Orange, CA, and keep your water running!

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