4 Essential Home Plumbing Maintenance Tips

September 16th, 2016 | Tips & Tricks, Plumbing

Keep Your Plumbing System Flowing Freely

Your plumbing system works behind the scenes to provide you with water instantaneously. Because you never see the inner workings within your walls, you probably don’t give it much thought. When you turn the faucet on, or when you press the button on a washing cycle, you don’t think about whether the water is going to come out; you just expect it to. But, in order for this to keep happening, it’s important that you show your plumbing system regular TLC. By performing regular plumbing maintenance, you can have peace of mind that your system will run more efficiently and at a lower cost.

We’ve come up with a list of what we believe to be some of the most important plumbing maintenance tasks. It’s important to be both proactive and reactive. Tackling things before they become an issue will save you money and help keep your system running smoothly. However, we also believe that not everything can be prevented. When an issue does arise, be sure to give a licensed plumber a call right away so that it doesn’t become worse.

Say No to Chemical Drain Cleaners

Avoid using chemical drain-clearing products as these often do more harm than good. These harsh chemicals can corrode your pipes, cause a chemical reaction, harm you and your loved ones due to toxic fumes, and hurt the environment. Furthermore, chemical drain cleaners only temporarily solve the problem because they don’t remove the entire clog.

If you’ve got a clog on your hands, the sure-fire way to get rid of it is by calling in a professional plumber who can snake your drain and completely remove the clog.

Ensure Your Home Has Soft Water

Hard water is high in mineral content, packed with calcium and magnesium ions. This is bad for plumbing system because calcium and magnesium will encrust themselves onto your household appliances. This type of scaling on your sinks, showers, and bathtubs is unsightly, not to mention a challenge to remove. All in all, hard water causes numerous problems. Here are some of them:

  • Form coating or film on shower doors and dishes
  • Rough and dry hair and skin
  • Dull and itchy clothes
  • Hard to lather soap
  • White or rust-colored stains around drains

To effectively get rid of the hard water in your home, you will need to install water softeners. Give a licensed plumber a call today to find out about your water softening options. There are so many options to choose from that will fit both your budget and needs!

Flush Your Water Heater

To increase the lifespan of your water heater, you will want to have it flushed regularly to clear out the sediment and mineral build-up. When you experience a build-up, it’ll require more energy for your water heater to provide you with hot water you need. More energy translates into more money.

Most manufacturers recommend having your water heater flushed once a year. If you have a tankless water heater, you might be wondering if you still need to flush it. The answer is yes! Even though a tankless water her doesn’t hold near as much water as its counterpart, the pipes and interior workings still need to be cleaned and maintained.

Test & Adjust the Water Pressure

This plumbing maintenance task can be done on your own, with the help of a water pressure gauge. You will want to test your home’s water pressure a couple times a year to ensure its psi levels aren’t too high. Many homes have water pressure levels ranging from 100 to 180 psi, which are way too high. When your water pressure is too high, it can damage your pipes and can cause leaks.

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